Satanic “Chick” Tract: Halloween! (Preorders)


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For decades, millions of those distinctive, 3 x 5 black and white Christian gospel comic book tracts have littered bus stops and public restrooms coast to coast. It was only a matter of time before Satan got in on the act too.

“I REMEMBER HALLOWEEN” is our brand new tract illustrated by Satanist cartoonist Tabitha Slander, which may or may not resemble the ironically hilarious style of a certain late Christian cartoonist who shall remain nameless…

(It also sports a killer cover from Satanic Coloring Book artist Jason Lenox.)

On Halloween night, some luckless preachers are trying to lure kids into their Hell House for some holiday indoctrination, but what happens when local Satanists show up instead and treat them to more than they bargained for?

PRE-ORDER your tracts for the holiday season now–orders begin shipping October 7.

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