Satanic “Chick” Tract: Constitutional Rites


“Constitutional Rites”: an original tract by Satanist cartoonist Tabitha Slander and Daniel Walker

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For decades, millions of those distinctive, 3 x 5 black and white Christian gospel comic book tracts have littered bus stops and public restrooms coast to coast. It was only a matter of time before Satan got in on the act too.

“Constitutional Rites” is our first original tract by Satanist cartoonist Tabitha Slander, which may or may not strangely resemble the ironically hilarious style of a certain late Christian cartoonist.

In “Constitutional Rites,” evangelical politician Jason Stanley wants to put a monument to the Ten Commandments at the state capitol. Can some friendly local Satanists teach him about the value of separating church and state instead? (Spoiler: Yes, they can, that’s the whole point.)

(Disclaimer: “Constitutional Rites” references the Satanic Temple’s ongoing disagreement with a certain American politician who shall remain nameless. “Constitutional Rites” is not a product of the Satanic Temple or directly affiliated with them.)

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