Black Mass Appeal is a podcast that brings modern Satanism to the masses. The show is dedicated to educating and entertaining anyone who is interested in Satanism, whether they’re just “Satan-curious” or are already involved. Our goal is to provide information, dispel myths, and humanize folks who call themselves Satanists.

Black Mass Appeal releases every other Tuesday, and is available on iTunes, Stitcher, SpotifyOvercast, and Google Play.



Tabitha is a self-taught, independent cartoonist living in Oakland, California who specializes in emojis, avatars, and video game art. Her Black Mass Appeal cohorts have put her up to creating Satanic comics as well, thus unleashing the devil on the one art medium he didn’t already own wholesale. Tabitha is a cat stalker who will pursue the affection of feline personalities with reckless abandon. The rest of us think the cats might give her some kind of dark and eldritch power, although it’s equally possible they just give her cat cuddles. An animation junkie, she’ll binge watch any animated product on Netflix, no matter how questionable. Tabitha’s circle of hell plays toy commercials disguised as poorly produced cartoons 28 hours a day. Despite her abiding love of Disney she can’t sell her soul to the company, as it’s otherwise engaged. She’s much better at video games than you think, although she is liable to be distracted if the onscreen characters are notably adorable. Especially goats. We’ve tested it in a lab and several double-blind studies have confirmed that Tabitha is indeed the cutest member of the Black Mass Appeal team. She promises not to use this power for evil, although it goes without saying that the rest of us are very bad influences so we’ll see how it goes.


Daniel is a freelance writer in San Francisco, which was a very tough beat until he helped found Satanic San Francisco in 2015 and regular work started reliably coming in just a month later. Which is definitely a coincidence and doesn’t freak him right out at all. Daniel grew up in a small Northern California town that you’ve never been to and that he’s probably no longer allowed to visit. Some say he wasn’t really born there and instead was a changeling child left on the hearth by ill-natured fairy folk who didn’t like the look of him… but you know how small town gossip is. He watches way too many movies, moonlights as a theater critic (like lawyers, critics get special advantages from citing the devil in their work history), writes Satanic Bay Area’s weekly blog “Feel the Burn,” and is always the loudest person on the podcast. His preferred pronouns are blasphemous and inhuman vocalizations that if ever spoken aloud will break the Great Seals on the scroll that unfurls the end of time. For obvious reasons, this doesn’t come up on the show very often.


A Bay Area native who did her time in Los Angeles, Simone has experience in film, television, radio, and online media – all of which are brought to bear on Black Mass Appeal. After all, podcasts are obviously the pinnacle of human communication, surpassing both art and science as a small number of people listen to her and her co-hosts blathering on via Zoom. Outside of her tiny media empire, Simone enjoys going to tiki bars, boxing, playing the bass, and competing in bar trivia. (She was on Jeopardy in 2014. It went all right.) She loves sci-fi and horror books and movies, and previously hosted another podcast called Die Hard With a Podcast, which is exactly what it sounds like. As a child who didn’t go outside and had a lot of free time to read, Simone became interested in the occult around that time every girl imagines herself as a member of the coven from The Craft. As an adult, she became interested in Satanism, but found that LaVey’s Satanic Bible was close to, but not quite something she could believe in. It was after watching Jex Blackmore’s talk on Satanic feminism as activism, that she decided to go to Wicked Grounds one Thursday and see what Satanic SF was all about. Things seem to have worked out since then.

JESSE (the audio guy)

Jesse is not a Satanist. He just likes pointing microphones at things. In his free time, he enjoys tennis, long walks on the beach, and writing bios about himself in third person.