With the amount of hand-wringing done about his power and influence, you’d think that Satan had a lead role in the Bible. Turns out, he’s more of a guest star. In this show, we read the actual passages of the Bible that feature Satan as a character… and there aren’t that many. We’re joined again by Detryck Von Doom of Louisville Friends of Satan to bring his biblical knowledge to bear on what is commonly thought of as the “source material” – and we discover that our idea of Satan might not be coming from just those few paragraphs. Plus, Simone serves up the fruits of knowledge at Nerd Nite, we get ready for another Black Christmas with our own infernal festivities at Christmas In the Park, and some bad news possesses South Bay exorcists.

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Bible passages

  • First Selection: Numbers 22, 21-35 – God Backs That Ass Up. (Note: Earlier Hebrew references to “Satan” have here been replaced with “an angel of the lord” in this passage.)
  • Second Selection: 1 Chronicles 21, 1-2 – David & The Census. (Note: In Samuel, David seems to hit on the idea of a census himself, inciting god’s wrath. But later in Chronicles Satan introduces the idea to him instead.)
  • Third Selection: Job 1:6 through Job 2:12 – God & Satan Fuck With Job
  • Fourth Selection: Zechariah 3:1 through 3:2 – Satan Dumps On Zech
  • Fifth Selection: Isaiah 14:2 (Note: This is the only reference to “Lucifer” in the entire book)
  • Sixth Selection: Mark 1:12 through 1:13 – Satan Tempts Jesus But Mark Doesn’t Really Give a Shit
  • Seventh Selection: Luke 4:1 through 4:13 – Satan Tempts Jesus, Director’s Cut
  • Eighth Selection: Luke 22:1 through Luke 22:6 – Satan Possesses Judas or Some Shit


Detryck Von Doom





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