Black Mass Appeal, a podcast created by Satanists, for Satanists, has announced a new project to highlight the wide-ranging musical talent of the Satanic community: a virtual music festival, FaustFest.

After recently spotlighting the many visual artists within the community, and considering the particular difficulties facing live performance musicians during the pandemic, Black Mass Appeal’s goal with FaustFest is to share the music of Satanists around the world with its audience. All genres of music are welcome! An audio version of the show, complete with songs submitted by Satanic artists, will be available in the regular Black Mass Appeal podcast feed. But to mark this special occasion, FaustFest will also be available as a video with user-submitted clips of the acts showing off their talents.

FaustFest will premiere on Tuesday, February 23, 2021. Those interested in submitting clips need not sell their souls to get onboard — just read the guidelines and get the submission form link below!

Upcoming FaustFest act Satan Club performs on Concord Couch Concerts, November 2020.



Thank you for joining us for Black Mass Appeal’s Satanic band showcase, FaustFest! We’re excited that you’re lending your talent to the show. In order to make the show easier to put together, here are a few guidelines for creating your video.

To get an idea for how this virtual music festival works, check out previous shows from our sister festival, Concord Couch Concerts.



  • Submission form must be filled out by MONDAY, JANUARY 25
  • Approved bands will be notified by FRIDAY, JANUARY 29
  • Videos must be turned in by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15
  • Show premiere is TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23



  • Please fill out the submission form first. Bands approved for inclusion will be contacted by Friday, January 29.
  • Approved bands’ videos must adhere to the guidelines outlined here and in the submission form; band approval is not a guarantee of appearing on the show.
  • Send your completed video to no later than Monday, February 15.
    • Dropbox, Google Drive links preferred.



  • We’d prefer “live” looking performances so our show has more of a festival feel — but if you have an MTV-style music video, that can work, so just let us know!
  • Your video should demonstrate safe social distancing measures, as outlined by your local ordinances at the time of filming.
  • Your video will be exclusive to Black Mass Appeal until after the episode is streamed on Tuesday, February 23 — after that, you can do whatever you like with it!
  • BMA will refuse any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, hateful, unreasonably violent or gory content. (Fake blood is great, butchering an animal is not.) A content warning may be added to the show. Inclusion in the episode is at the sole discretion of the BMA producers.



  • .MOV or .MP4 preferred
  • 1080p
  • Landscape 
  • 8 – 10 minutes long (or three songs, whichever is shorter)
  • Please give your video file a name using this convention: BMA – Band name – Song title(s).mov (or .mp4)



  • Add transitions to the beginning or end of your clip (no fade ins / outs)
  • Add titles or graphics to your video. BMA will add your band name and contact info to your video so that all videos have a consistent look.
    • If you really, really want to use a graphic, send it as a separate image file (.PNG or .PSD preferred, no background / with transparency) with instructions on how / when to use it. Keeping in mind the time it takes to edit the show, we will decline to use graphics with complicated instructions.
      • Yes: “Here’s the album art for my new album, please put it at the end of my clip for 5 seconds.”
      • No: “Please animate me so I look like Spider-Man but with my logo on my chest and then have me leap out of a helicopter with a big explosion behind me. You can CGI that, right?”
  • Use ornate frames. Especially with band members in different locations, splitscreens are welcome! But overly elaborate frames around your video eat up precious space and detract from the “live” look of the show.



  • Turn off autofocus! The focus can sometimes shift as you’re performing, especially if no one is manning the camera
  • Leave several seconds of padding at the start and end of your clip. Turn your camera on and wait 3-5 seconds before speaking or performing, and wait 3-5 seconds when you are done before turning your camera off. Do not turn the camera on and immediately begin.
  • Check your sound levels after recording, making sure you’re not too soft and not too loud.
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